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Why SiE Brains ?

SiE Brains know that hiring people with the right motivation, attitude, behaviors and cultural fit is a key part of delivering long-term high performers for your business. SiE Brains specialized methodology is a unique proprietary recruitment model embedding our specialized talent management expertise into a rigorous recruitment process.

SiE Brains helps your organization to identify people who will become motivated and engaged employees, pinpoint the right people who will deliver to your strategy, assist you to consistently make truly good hires for your business, identify people who will stay longer and are high performers.

Distinct from standard recruiting processes SiE Brains identifies core performance drivers beyond purely technical skills required to ‘do the work’. It can deliver the crucial difference between ‘filling a vacancy’ and truly evaluating candidates to pinpoint high performers for long-term benefit to your organization.

SiE Brains Specialist recruitment consultants know your industry like the back of their hand: It is a specialist recruiter’s role to understand your industry lingo, how your particular job works and where your skills would be most suited in potential employment. Since specialist recruitment agents are so well versed in all of the technical and personal requirements for the roles you are applying for, they will be able to give an accurate evaluation of where your experience and skills would be best utilized, and also provide you with advice on how to remedy any gaps in your knowledge.

SiE Brains actively cultivate strong (and often exclusive) relationships with industry leading businesses: For you as a jobseeker, the means that SiE Brains can often ‘float’ your resume to key organizations you want to work with, and as a result you may be offered a role that actually didn’t exist.

SiE Brains reduce the number of times your referees are contacted: Partnering with a SiE Brains means that instead of the individual companies you apply for roles in all contacting your referees (which can become time consuming), our specialist recruiter will simply call just the once, and provide the same referral details to each of the prospective employers you apply with.

SiE Brains can offer you salary advice based on benchmarking within the industry: Since SiE Brains works exclusively within your chosen industry, it stands to reason that we will have an in-depth knowledge on the type of salary you can expect from new roles. We can also provide advice on what you need to do in order to secure a higher wage, and in the majority of new work arrangements, we can provides you with an edge, by handling the negotiation for you when it comes to your new contract.

SiE Brains are in constant contact with employers within your industry, which means we are the first ones to know if your dream job has just opened up: SiE Brains is proactive and will regularly find out well in advance about available roles for you before they are advertised on traditional job boards – which means you will get in first above other candidates to interview and also be exposed to a larger number of available roles to pick and choose from.