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Payroll Management

SiE Brains offers corporate payroll processing services to organizations with all type of setups. We take care of entire payroll processing activities, the module automates the pay process by gathering data on employee time and attendance, calculating various deductions and taxes, and generating periodic payslip’s and employee tax reports.

With an experienced team backing us both on technology and delivery, client satisfaction is a natural outcome of our efforts. Our highly committed and motivated team of experts has a customer-centric attitude that has helped us achieve process leadership.


Salary Processing

One-of-a-kind expertise in handling statutory compliance requirements under Factory Act and Shop & Establishment Acts., providing additional comfort on risk, systems and controls to clients and business partner.

Payroll Solutions

Offers cost effective, transparent, technology-sound, secure, confidential and pan-India. Get ready to receive best-in-class service delivery, from professionals with a customer-centered approach.


Process leadership, technology back up and service delivery – all at one go. The solution is home-grown and has kept pace with the need for constant evolution of best practices with focus on accuracy and discipline.

Payroll Calculation

Salary payments

We are one of the few who understand the business of payroll solutions to add features that can come handy depending on the size and challenges of an organization. Payroll Calculation is a unique feature which can be used if you would like to present a statement to your employees showing how much taxes they will potentially have to pay, based on various exemptions. Our payroll solution can create “pretend” checks that can offer a “what if” calculator for employees, without a lot of re-keying.

Our salary processing solutions can integrate modules of time and attendance system, up and running within minutes. Salary payments can be processed separately from other payments ensuring employee satisfaction, with maximum discretion. Our end-to-end payroll / salary processing solution has a definite edge over other third party salary outsourcing solutions, as we also back you with expertise in handling statutory compliance requirements under Factory Act and Shop & Establishment Act on a pan India basis.

Our Key Features

  • Reimbursement management
  • Attendance leave management
  • Back up mechanism DR
  • Transfer funds to banks
  • Secure and Confidential Payroll System
  • Centralized Email System
  • Query Management System


  • Expert Migration Team
  • Multi vertical multi-process capabilities
  • Clearly defined escalation matrix
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Salary processing,
  • Leave calculation,
  • PF, ESI & IT deduction
  • Periodic MIS / reports.