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Talent Analytics

Hire, Engage, Develope 'Right Fit' Talent
Talent analytics” is the use of measurement and analysis techniques to understand, improve, and optimize the people side of business.

Organizations have millions of data elements about people—demographic data, performance data, job history, compensation, mobility, assessment, training, and more. This data can be correlated and matched to many different types of business data to help companies to understand profiles and behaviors which create high performance. For example, a food-service company found that its client renewal rate is highly dependent on certain skills, behaviors, and learning activities. This correlation was so high that the company developed a dashboard for all of its account teams which monitor these talent metrics with red / yellow / green measures for managers to use. There are hundreds of other applications for talent analytics.


Attendance Management

Formerly referred to as ‘‘absenteeism control’’ (a nega- for action. The costs of an employee’s absence,the most non-attendance would be common), items involve lost productivity and replacement attendance management is a concept concerning the costs. These are multiplied manyfold when the management and administration of an employee’s absence is over a long period of time. obligation to maintain a reliable and regular presence This section discusses the following aspect of attend- at work. The goal of attendance management is the creation of a working environment that motivates employees to maintain regular attendance. A customized – Time sheet management system ensuring accurate data. A dedicated backend team to verify all details of approval for the Time Sheet ahead of payment processing. Receipt of attendance details from multiple locations, within due date, validate and confirm to locations. Ensure easy accessibility of above records to relevant managers.The use of an attendance management system can save your company a great deal of time and reduce errors that are made from calculating attendance.

MIS and Reports

• Monthly reports are provided on Pay Register, Reconciliation and Service Reports.
• Customized and automated MIS as per Client requirement.
• Defined Back up, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Audit Methodology

• Organization Study & Mapping of process flows
• Develop the audit plan and Prepare stakeholder review questionnaire for audits
• Collect, Verify and analyze the data
• Benchmark results against internal and/or external measures
• Report the gaps & findings
• Create a plan to address non conformists and strengthen the value chain


• Updating of Salary records and changes in salary structure.
• Computing of any arrears, Incentives and variable pay
• Preparing of full and final Settlements.
• Web-enabled payroll and HR technology platform