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Talent Management

At SiE Brains, we believe that talent management means selecting the right people, developing their potential and fueling their enthusiasm. Building their commitment, and also supporting them through periods of change.


We create powerful solutions and tools to help you get the most from your talent with experience in all corners of the globe. Our consultants identify workforce competencies needed for superior performance and pin point potential employees. Together our skills and experience can help ensure good people stay longer and enjoy greater career satisfaction.


Our clients look to us when they need to improve employees’ strengths and development needs, improve management and leadership capability. Our talent management tools and services encompass a range of professional services – from interview training, assessment and development to coaching and mentoring to senior executive career transition.

Recruitment and Selection Process

Getting the right people on board is the critical first step in effective Talent Management, be it for new hires or internal promotions. We help you to improve and streamline your selection processes to deliver:

Fully informed hiring and promotion decisions

  • Better quality talent, faster recruitment process
  • Positive candidate experiences
  • Identification and selection of future leaders
  • Engage & Retain Talent

Organization strategy is communicated top down by leadership but delivered bottom up by your people. SiE Brains approach will align your people with your organizational strategy, skill your leaders to effectively engage and inspire their people, enhance internal mobility, minimize turnover.
Talent Development Programs, identifying key talent at various levels of your organization and implement talent development programs is critical to unleash the potential of your workforce and build your organization’s bench strength.

SiE Brains will partner with you to Identify and develop high potentials at all levels for succession, Focus and individualize development programs for high potentials, as well as emerging and critical leaders, Build organization-wide leadership capability.

Manage your Career Transitions

Organizations and people evolve and change. While organizations grow, downsize, merge, acquire and divest, people’s career drivers, performance levels and aspirations also change.

Organizational change must be handled in a professional and supportive way to ensure productivity remains as high as possible for those remaining in the organization and those transitioning employees feel supported are able to deal with new changes.

We offer a personalized and flexible approach to career transition and outplacement, using established programs and developing close working relationships with employers to ensure a smooth process. This helps minimize and eliminate any fear from moving from one department to another or starting over in an entirely different field. SiE Brains approach smoothens the change process, Reduces risks associated with change and protects your brand, Equips managers to confidently lead change, Provides practical support to departing employees, Ensures the right people are in the right roles.

Competency Model

Many employers and employees lack clarity around the requirements of a role and have difficulty answering the following questions. What are the components needed for long-term successful performance in a job? Who should be targeted for development and future career paths? How do I ensure I am ready for the next role up? Lack of role clarity can lead to disengagement, underperformance and even stress or burn-out. SiE Brains team of expert consultants can help your organization understand what the right combination of skills, knowledge and behavior are for a given job and enable HR professionals and line managers to evaluate potential hires and develop employees into exceptional talent. Based on our proprietary research, we’re proud to introduce Competency Model designed to help SiE Brains clients achieve optimal success in recruitment and talent management. SiE Brains Competency Model will clearly define the job competencies necessary for organizations to effectively attract, develop and retain staff. Our comprehensive competency management framework and methodology was developed by SiE Brains research and development team based on years of global consulting and formal research.

Designed to be flexible, the competency model can be applied to different roles within an organization in order to create a customized success profile. In turn, candidates can be assessed and evaluated against the Model, ensuring an efficient and effective selection process.

Competency Management Solutions

SiE Brains Competency Management solutions help you to Define what is required of employees to perform successfully, Improve successful interview and assessment processes, Target the development of staff and future leaders, Clearly outline performance management requirements, Accurately plan your succession management, Identify when incumbents are ready to progress to their next role.

SiE Brains R&D Applies the Scientific Methods to Talent Management

At SiE Brains, we offer a better recruitment and talent management experience for our clients because we equip our consultants with the latest advancements in psychometric testing and scientific research.

In today’s competitive environment, it’s not enough to just know a candidate’s skill set. Intangibles such as leadership potential, business attitudes and cultural fit are just as critical to making the right hiring decision. SiE Brains R&D is at the heart of talent in today’s workplace, developing tests and tools to assess candidates. Our R&D is backed by an independent scientific board of university professors and academic researchers. This alliance allows us to share knowledge and continually evaluate and verify our talent management systems and proprietary tools. SiE Brains tested methodologies, specialist recruiters and talent management consultants offer services that aid in pre-selection, selection, assessment, development, coaching and engagement. Clients benefit from our holistic approach to employment which can increase recruitment efficiency, improve hiring results and develop talent for long-term performance.

The results are clear – scientifically backed recruitment and talent management adds exponential benefit to your business.